hey (:

Hey babe, hope you enjoy my blog, inbox me whenever about whatever. I'm good at giving advice if you need ^-^

Anonymous: Hey cutie. You're super duper awesome and nice! Love ya.

Aw Thank you <3 Love you too

Anonymous: I'm just curious, but if it is possible to answer, what is your sexual/relationship orientation?

I’m Bisexual c: If you’re having trouble coming out or anything, let me know, I’ll try and give you some advice because I know how scary it can be. 


when your friends make plans right in front of you and dont invite youimage

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school tips:

  • start your homework friday 
  • get as much done as you can in advance
  • keep working ahead on assignments
  • i promise this feels so good u will be instantly less stressed and sunday nights are not as scary

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bullshitting an essay and getting a good grade for it


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"send me a dirty picture" 


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